Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Appeal for Festival Volunteers

Would you like free entry to a festival, have a good time, and help raise much needed funds for Sustainable Haringey?!

The Sustainable Haringey network has teamed up with organisers of a London music festival ('SW4' + Get Loaded In The Park', on Clapham Common on August 29-30th) and are looking volunteers to help out over that weekend.

In return for SH volunteers doing a few hours a day behind the main bar the organisers will make a donation to our organisation. You'll get a free ticket to the festival (normally £75) with generous breaks, free refreshments and time off at the end of the shift to enjoy the event and socialise with friends! The plan at the moment is to arrive 11am each day and to work either the 12noon-6pm shift, or the 2pm-8pm shift.

For people who love volunteering, love festivals and love 'fundraising-made-easy' it could be the perfect summer weekend.

We've been asked to provide 6 or 12 volunteers. The more we provide, the more funding we can raise for our activities for the rest of the year. For example if we can get 12 volunteers (all doing 6hrs per day for both days at £7per hour) we raise £1008. Next year there will be opportunities for our members to do a range of other volunteering jobs (eg stewarding) at longer festivals around the country, also with free entry.

This will be the first time we've done this, so if it goes well it could be the answer to our fundraising dreams!

If you are reliable and can volunteer on our behalf please get in touch with me and provide your details (email, phone, address) as soon as possible, by the end of next week at the latest.

Sustainable Haringey - Festival Volunteers Co-ordinator
Mike Dallimore
07952 831 684

Frequently asked questions

Q. Does this scheme cost Sustainable Haringey any money?
A. No, this will not cost SH any money, this is purely a fun, exciting and imaginative way of raising money for your organisation by supplying volunteers to work on your behalf. The organisational costs of administrating this initiative are covered by the event organisers. This is part of their commitment to supporting the charitable and voluntary sector.

Q. Who is responsible for the staff once they are on site?
A. We are solely responsible for the management and welfare of staff whilst they are working. The package of welfare and job responsibilities is agreed in advance and so that all volunteers know what to expect. We provide support and help to all volunteers to ensure they are happy and fully supported. We want this to be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Q. How many volunteers will we have to put forward in order to be eligible?
A. We would ask at this stage for teams of 6-18 volunteers, if this is not possible, then we will always make assessments on an individual basis.

Q. Who will co-ordinate and manage the volunteers during the pre event planning?
A. The best way to do this would be for you to appoint a member of staff within your organisation to act as an event liaison officer and our point of contact. The role of this person would be to distribute the event specific information to your volunteers (provided by us in briefing packs). Alternatively if this is not possible we can manage this directly with the volunteers on your behalf.

Q. What happens if the volunteers don’t have experience in the areas of work you require?
A. We will provide the volunteers with all the necessary training and support.

Q. Will the volunteers be covered by your insurance?
A. Yes, the volunteers will be covered under our employers and public liability insurance; we can provide you with all necessary support documentation.

Q. Are there any restrictions on who can volunteer?
A. You can send anyone to represent and fundraise for your organisation so long as they are over 18 years of age.

Q. What do the volunteers need to bring with them?
A. For one day events they just need to bring themselves, some warm cloths and a packed lunch. For camping events, to ensure everyone comes well prepared, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of what each individual should bring along.

Q. How will we receive the payment back to the charity?
A. We will agree pre-event the number of volunteers and hours expected with your team leader or representative. Then at the event we will confirm the actual and final hours worked and send payment by return on receiving an invoice.

Q. Will volunteers get time off to enjoy the event?
A. At camping events volunteers will have time off and breaks. At one day events, we will ask all volunteers to work approx. 6 hours and with breaks and time off before or after their shift to enjoy the event. At overnight events there will always be time to go off and enjoy your favourite band and the atmosphere of a major festival!!

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