Friday, 26 June 2009


Around 50 households from Haringey gathered at the CUFOS Centre in Muswell Hill on 20th June 2009 to celebrate the successful conclusion of a project designed to promote sustainability and environmental awareness.

The celebration represents the culmination of a six-month initiative by the Sustainable Haringey Network and national charity Global Action Plan to run a group of eight
ecoteams across the borough. Each team has met monthly to discuss ways to reduce their impact on the environment in the five areas of energy use, transport, waste, water usage and shopping, using a methodology developed by Global Action Plan.

Team members have regularly weighed their rubbish and recycling, and read their own gas and electricity meters. Results are uploaded to a website run by the charity; so that it can assess how effective the programme has been.
The households taking part recorded a 20% reduction in their rubbish, a 24% reduction in the electricity, and a 16% reduction in their carbon emissions.

Team Leader Jeremy Green said:
Ive really enjoyed the experience. Its been a way of getting to know our neighbours better, as well as doing our bit for the environment.

Sustainable Haringey members are compiling a report of the experience and providing feedback to Global Action Plan. More follow-up actions are also planned.

For more information about Global Action Plan call 020 7025 3821 or email

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