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SH co-ordination meeting on Tuesday 20th (6.30pm at the Big Green Bookshop

SH co-ordination meeting (Tues 20th July 2010)+ Mins of Spring Gathering (April 25th 2010) at Big Green Bookshop

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Notes of SusHar coordination meeting, 15th June at Big Green Bookshop
Present: Dave, Pamela, Wendy, Gemma, Joyce. Apologies: Chris

1. Sustainable Haringey Month - report of various events taken place so far. great programme of events - well done all! Generally good attendances. Discussion of why it is difficult to get more people to staff SusHar stalls at Green Fair - we did well, but could have reached more participants if we'd had more volunteeers! Future events were discussed including Skills Share, Growing Spaces Open Day, etc. Discussion about difficulty of getting people to take and distribute yellow Sustainable Haringey Month leaflets - about 15,000 went in the end.
2. SusHar decision-making process - this arose because of attempt to get SusHar at short notice to support proposal for Alexandra Palace to be the London Sustainability Centre. Gemma reported on varying views from SusHar activists about this. Agreed that guidelines needed. Suggested that a policy would be agreed if no challenge in seven days but some felt this too short a period. Decided that ten days better. Dave will draft short proposal for July Gathering.
3. Haringey Alliance for Public Services - short report about the launch of this network which we had agreed to support.
4. Other coming events were discussed eg Feeding Highgate; Area Assemblies; Tottenham Festival (Back to Earth to provided SH info), Lordship Rec Festival (Back 2 Earth will co-ordinate a Green Zone - want SH people to join in!).
5. Arrangements for July Gathering - being arranged by SH Food Group: plum event first; then networking; then poss speaker from Growing Communities (Hackney), then food-related open space discussions, then usual co-ordination stuff; etc. [Note: Peter has drafted minutes of last Gathering - Dave to send out].
6. Date of next Co-ordination meeting: 20th July, 6.30pm at BGB.

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At the Wolves Lane Plant Centre, 25th April 2010

25 people, including members and reps from - BTCV; Friends of the Earth; Green On The Screen / Food From the Sky / Meadow Orchard / Positive Earth; Muswell Hill Sustainability Group; Clyde Area Residents Association; CONEL Green Group; SH Waste Group; Transition Finsbury Park; Green Lens Studios; West Green Residents Association; Haringey Green Party; Transition Crouch End; Sustottenham; Haringey Solidarity Group; Wood Green Mennonite Church; Haringey Federation of Residents Associations; Urban Harvest; Tree Trust for Haringey; Living Under One Sun; SH Transport Group; UNISON Green Group; SH Green Environment Group; SH Food Group; Back 2 Earth;

1. Introduction
Peter agreed to take the minutes. Pam facilitated the meeting. She welcomed those present. Everyone introduced themselves.

2. Reports from SH Working Groups
a. In the Food Group Gemma reported that she had started a Food Growing Course (Tottenham Hale) and that her target was to create a network of community food-growing gardens. As regards the Wolves Lane Plant Nursery Jo thought SH had been left out of the loop and that those running it needed to be reminded of the opportunities for sustainability.
b. As regards the Waste Group, Joyce reported a successful visit to the Eco-Park (20+) and plans to have a talk by Council Environmental officer John Hastings.
c. Chris reported that the Transport Group was engaged with the Council on Home Zones, cycles routes, car clubs, a 20mph default speed limit and having a green man at every set of lights. He agreed to support the reinstatement of the W2 but the group didn't have a policy in favour of Free Public Transport.
d. The Homes Group is co-ordinated by Sarah Cope but is in abeyance during the election period. Pam reported on being trained to set up an eco-team;
e. Quentin will be setting up a Council Liaison meeting after the Green Fair.
f. Dave said the Communications Group was continuing to communicate by email, but had no particular issues.
g. The Green Environment Group has to finalise its strategy (to be added to the website) and respond to the Local Development Framework. We need to work more closely with Friends of Parks groups and also the Allotments Forum.

3. Reports from SH Local Groups
a. The Sustottenham (Sustainable Tottenham) Skills Share event at Tottenham Chances was very successful (150 people) and there is support for doing this sort of event in other places.
b. Transition Crouch End reported a visit to the head of Hornsey Town Hall Trust to urge interim use of surrounding land eg for Farmers Market: a visioning meeting is planned for 16 May.
c. Jo reported on Transition Finsbury Park (TFP) which had started 5 projects for growing in public spaces and was trying to negotiate use of the greenhouse at the corner near Manor House. She also reported on the skills building group which teaches knitting, cob-building, food preservation, retrofitting and home energy assessment among other things. Bart Smith reported on the start up of a Transport group within TFP.
d. Peter said the major projects of the Muswell Hill Sustainability Group were encountering problems: they had purchased more solar panels than they had roofs to put them on; and the Low Carbon Zone work was being held up while a grant application to LSZ (to pay for a co-ordinator) was still unresolved. But other work was going well, particularly the 100 Houses Project (now 41: 100 by end of the year?) and the sale of shares in en10ergy Ltd (73 now, target: 100 by the end of the year).
e. Other groups: Yev and Marianne of Green Lens reported that Haringey Arts had started eco-teams. Martin of Back 2 Earth said that there would be a Food Co-op on Friday 30 April at Broadwater Farm and launch of a local Green Gym gardening project there.

4. Coming events, including Haringey Sustainability Month in June
- FOE were holding a Food Chains meeting in Railway Fields on 21st May. We agreed to support.
- The Haringey Sustainability Month events for June, slowly building up, were discussed in detail. This included arrangements for the Haringey Green Fair, June 12 (Jo, Anna and others to co-ordinate SH stalls). Quentin reminded us of the need to have a stall at the Tottenham Festival, 19 June.
- Transition Network UK Gathering, June 12-14.. Jo probably going for TFP, and could wear an SH hat too.
- Big Lunch, July 18th: picnics / street parties everywhere! We agreed to promote this.
- Lordship Rec Community Festival, Sept 11th. We agreed to support the Green Zone there.
- 10:10:10 International Day of Action, Oct 10th People all over the world are urged to take practical action for carbon reduction and sustainability. Tens of thousands of local events are expected in what could be the largest ever global action day. We agreed to promote this in Haringey.
- Apple Day, Oct 16th. We will support events on this day, which is also UN World Food Day.

5. General network business
a. Minutes of the Winter Gathering were approved.
b. Updating the website is the responsibility of the groups concerned and Gemma will help as necessary.
A further request was made for submission of posters and basic leaflets for each group eg for display on stalls.
c. Dave mentioned the importance of the monthly Co-ordination meetings at the Big Green Book Shop (next one on 18 May) and felt we could achieve much more with greater attendance.
d. Climate Camp (London) had organised a very good weekend-long conference in Tottenham. Many SH people attended in order to discuss links between local community organising and radical, consensus, direct action strategies for creating a sustainable society.
e. We agreed that SH would work with other networks and organisations to defend Haringey’s public services, in the light of the threat of serious cuts after the general election. The Federation of RAs was calling a meeting on this in May and Pam agreed to attend on behalf of SH.
f. The SH Summer Gathering will be on Sunday 25th July at Railway Fields. The theme will be food strategy in general and the Council’s in particular. Anna will liaise with the SH Food group.

6. Partnerships
It was agreed at our last Gathering that there would be enormous value and potential in developing good partnership-working with our affiliates (those who have signed up to our Sustainability Statement) and other organisations. This would ensure that sustainability ideas and practices would spread more widely, actively engage and involve more people, and have more influence - and real progress could be made towards a low-carbon society. Dave had drafted some proposals, which formed the basis of a discussion on the possibilities and challenges, including need to ensure our independence eg regarding the Council or political parties. When any partnership issues arose vis-à-vis the Council they could be resolved at a meeting of the SH Council Liaison group. Otherwise the best body was our monthly SH co-ordination meetings. The draft proposals (see below) were approved by a show of hands.

Sustainable Haringey network - some guidelines for partnership-working
As agreed at our Spring 2010 Gathering

Affiliations to the network
- We should continue to encourage all organisations in the borough to sign up to the Haringey Sustainability Statement. Through doing that they effectively become affiliated to the Sustainable Haringey network. Over 50 organisations (some themselves being networks of scores of groups) have already done so, but many more could!
- We should encourage all affiliates to participate within the network (and to encourage their members to get involved with our local groups and working groups), and to help us to develop into a broader and stronger sustainability movement throughout Haringey.

Partnerships with those outside the network
- Sustainable Haringey, as an independent network, should try harder to develop partnerships with other borough-wide community networks and organisations where it would help us to achieve our aims.
- Sustainable Haringey local groups and working groups are encouraged to do the same.

Liaison and independence
- In developing partnerships, the SH network as a whole should be careful to maintain our independence, and to be seen to be independent.
- The SH network’s relations with the Council should continue to be mediated and monitored through our SH Council Liaison group, accountable to our Gatherings.
- We will welcome support from, but not formally align ourselves with or accept sponsorship from, any commercial enterprise, particular political party or specific religious organisation (although of course all such organisations are encouraged to affiliate to the network).
- SH relations with partners (ie any specific proposals) can be monitored via our monthly Co-ordination Meetings, and any necessary issues can be raised at our Gatherings. If necessary the SH Council Liaison group could become a SH Partners Liaison group.

Developing strong partnerships
The SH network should:
1. Make a commitment to involve our affiliates and other organisations in our own activities/events
2. Support or work with other community organisations’ existing activities/events where they are relevant and where green/sustainability/transition ideas can be promoted or furthered
3. Call a special meeting of our affiliates and any other interested organisations in order to further these aims

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