Sunday, 4 July 2010


PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME RECORD the song whose lyrics are below. The melody is also strong. Perhaps it could not only spread our messge but also earn money for campaigns, to which I would donate any money it might earn. Please contact me if you would like to help, OR FORWARD THIS EMAIL to anyone you know who might be able to help. A simple recording would be enough to disseminate the song widely. You never know, maybe someone famous would record it and it could be politically influential. I need someone who can do the accompaniment, and a good singer.

Also any feedback on the lyrics would be welcome, as they could probably be improved. I'll probably come up with another verse or two soon; what is below is just the first version.

Thank you

Tim Root


"How can you say you love me?"
My daughter said to me.
"You're ignoring the climate crisis,
And living carelessly,
Polluting endlessly.

You know that our future's threatened,
The next eight years will tell
If we can live like you did,
Or suffer utter hell,
The earth left a barren shell.

Floods and droughts come more and more,
Don't trash the world; it isn't yours;
Please invest in wind and sun,
Don't screw my life - it's just begun!

Don't buy from the bad polluters
Like Exxon and BP.
Show them they cannot profit
By trashing land and sea,
We need clean energy.

We can afford survival,
Just think and you will see.
Just to drive and fly less often,
Please do these things for me
And all humanity.

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