Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Why not start or join an EcoTeam?!

- support the Haringey Carbon Reduction Fortnight
and make savings on carbon emissions and money

Following the successful completion of the first wave of Haringey EcoTeams we are recruiting team leaders and members to participate in the next phase of the project.

EcoTeams are groups of people who come together once a month to discuss different environmental topics and agree on actions to reduce their impacts. Participating EcoTeam households will make savings on carbon emissions and money and will also compliment the other events and actions organised by the Sustainable Haringey Network during the Climate Change

Conference taking place in Copenhagen in December.

Savings - on average EcoTeam households:

  • reduce their direct CO2 emissions by 16.6%
  • reduce heating energy consumption by 21%
  • reduce their rubbish by 20%
  • reduce their water use by 15%
  • reduce energy & water bills by £170 a year

If you would like to become an EcoTeam leader and help your family, friends and neighbours achieve tangible savings please log on to www.ecoteams.org.uk and register online to access the resources which will help you lead your team and achieve savings.

Global Action Plan
creating the climate for change

Supported by the Sustainable Haringey network
Contact for Haringey's EcoTeams: Mathew De Souza - mat_in_goa@rediffmail.com

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