Thursday, 10 December 2009

Haringey Sustainability Fortnight - The story so far!

Fri 4th - The fortnight kicked off in style with a brilliant Wards Corner social evening in Tottenham to promote sustainable urban development - over 120 people joined in the dancing (ceilidh and egyptian), listened to performers (ukelele duo and ballads), and ate scrumptious home cooked food. There was also a speech about Copenhagen and the planned fortnight's events...

Sat 5th - About 60,000 people attended a Climate Action Now march in Central London. And there were similar marches in capital cities all over the world. There seemed to be a large percentage of young people (always a good sign of a movement that's here to stay!). Afterwards Trafalgar Square was occupied with pop up tents and a Camp for Climate Action set up there to co-ordinate further discussions and protests throughout the whole fortnight - all welcome to go and join in! 4 or 5 of us from Haringey were among the hundreds there early on.

Sun 6th - Green Bike Ride around Haringey. Around a dozen heroes braved the weather and cycled all over the borough visiting green projects and sites.

Sun 6th - The Crouch End family day seemed to go well, including very informative stalls run by Crouch End & Hornsey Transition Initiative and the SH network.

Tues 8th - 9 people attended the 'Green Your Home' coffee morning at 10am at the Green Lens Studios, N4. It was reported that there was an excellent speaker and discussion.

Tues 8th - About 50 people attended the Highgate and Muswell Hill Area Assemby last night where the Muswell Hill Sustainability Group and Council reps made a presentation about the plans for the new Muswell Hill Low Carbon Zone. The MHSG explained that the idea was to promote things that everyone can do, as well as specialist sustainable energy projects for public buildings etc - and most importantly they hoped Low Carbon Zones would spread across Haringey, London and the world!

Tues 8th - 25 people (of all ages and diverse backgrounds) went along to the 'Age of Stupid' film show in Tottenham Green Library. It was followed by a brief presentation from a rep from the SH network, and then a very good discussion in which over half of those present put forward their views about the very powerful film and what we should all be doing to address the climate change challenge.

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