Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Scientists for Global Responsibility Debate

London Public Forum
Saturday 7th November 12-6pm

South Camden Community School, Charrington Street NW1 1RG
(nearest tube Kings Cross)

This debate on the Climate Emergency and what we can be do to tackle it is open to everyone and free to attend.

This event sees a great variety of speakers including Aubrey Meyer (Global Commons Institute), Oliver Tickell (author Kyoto 2), Andrew Simms (new economics foundation), John Stewart (HACAN), Johann Hari (journalist), Jean Lambert MEP (Green Party), Damian Carrington (Head of Environment, the Guardian), Alexis Rowell (Camden Council), Chris Baugh (Public and Commercial Services Union) and Dr Stuart Parkinson (Scientists for Global Responsibility) as well as workshops with Biofuelwatch and the Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group.

– this is one of our last chance’s to get together before we hit the streets demonstrating in December.

11:45 Doors Open

12:15-13:15 Session 1 "10% Cuts by end 2010: the case for emergency action"

13:15-13:45 Break and Workshops including:
Introduction to campaigning against Agrofuels, hosted by Biofuelwatch and Food Not Fuel

13:45-14:45 Session 2 "Green Jobs Now - a million climate jobs by end 2010"

14:45-15:15 Break and Workshops including:
Discussion of the role of Trade Unionists in building the Climate movement before and after Copenhagen, hosted by Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group

15:15-16:15 Session 3 "Decarbonising our transport fast - the way ahead"

16:15-16:30 Break with music entertainment

16:30-17:30 Session 4 "Copenhagen - the deal we need and the deal we're likely to get"

17:30-17:45 Climate Emergency CALL TO ACTION

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