Monday, 23 November 2009


Sustainable Haringey network
Organised by the Sustainable Haringey network and the Campaign against Climate Change
What can we do to stop climate change, and to make the transition to a fair and sustainable society?
Tuesday November 24th
8pm - Wood Green Library
High Road, N22 - Just south of Wood Green tube
Film: 'Countdown To Copenhagen' (newly made by Haringey documentary team, Reel News)
Speakers: including a windturbine factory worker from Vestas who was recently involved in occupying the plant to prevent its closure
+ Discussion
This public meeting has been organised jointly by the Sustainable Haringey network and the Campaign against Climate Change to mark the historic United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen from December 7th -18th. The meeting will launch the local publicity for a national 'Climate Action Now' demonstration in Central London on December 5th, and the Haringey Carbon Reduction and Sustainability Fortnight of green events from Dec 5th-18th.
The Copenhagen conference is being described as the most important international event in the history of humanity. Thousands of delegates there will be discussing what needs to be done in the light of the threat of catastrophic climate change and the need to create a sustainable world for future generations. Hundreds of thousands will be protesting on Copenhagen’s streets. They will be demanding a global agreement to reduce fossil fuel emissions and to immediately start building a zero carbon economy. Whilst the politicians and lobbyists debate and prevaricate, what can we - the people around the world - do ourselves during that fortnight and beyond to step up the pressure for the urgent action needed?
As well as backing the national demonstration on Dec 5th (details below), from December 5th-18th the Sustainable Haringey network is promoting a Carbon Reduction and Sustainability Fortnight - two weeks of green events throughout Haringey. Sustainable Haringey are calling on all residents and local groups to organise green activities, meetings, leafleting, tree planting, protests, teach-ins, bike rides, film shows and skills-sharing etc. This will serve to raise the local profile of what is being discussed in Copenhagen, and stimulate debate about we can and must do locally to make a real difference ourselves.
" A fortnight of action will kick off on Dec 5th with a mass demonstration in Central London. We call on all residents to demand the right local and global policies and effective action now. All public institutions and private companies should cut their own carbon footprint over the coming year, and our society should adopt sustainable lifestyles and practices. Local residents can join with us in trying to develop community-led solutions and create a sustainable world for future generations." - SH spokeperson

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