Monday, 14 October 2013

The Sustainable Oktoberfest - a report

It went rather well, if we say so ourselves. Lots of people turned up, and several brought some really remarkable locally produced drinks. There was a wonderful bay and mint pale ale, some fabulous strawberry wine that tasted like fino sherry, sloe gin and two kinds of alcoholic ginger beer - one decidedly more dangerous than the other at 8% alcohol.

There was a  brilliant oompah band - see this amateurish and inadequate video, or this one, for some idea as to how good they were. If you have any pictures of the event please send them in or add them here if you can.

Thanks to the band, and to Hornsey Vale Community Centre, and to all those who brought drinks but also food. Exactly what sustainable community ought to be like, right?

All in all a rousing success, and to be repeated next year and every year. Lots of people claimed that they were inspired to re-start home brewing and wine-making again, and some locals heard about the network for the first time.

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