Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Facilitation Techniques/London one-day training course‏

This practical one-day course, which is running in London on Tuesday, 20.11.12, is aimed at delegates who are responsible for facilitating a group of people, objectively. It is ideal for those who want practical tips on how to deal with groups and the way in which they interact, on how to maximise a group’s potential and the right tools to use to generate and evaluate ideas within a group and help the decision making process and to design and manage an action plan. It will also provide strategies for dealing with difficult group members.
If you would like to proceed with a booking, you are welcome to do so in a number of ways. We have a fully secure online booking system at www.trainingdevelopment.biz, or, alternatively, you may book by telephone on 01584 890970 or by email torichard@trainingdevelopment.biz
The Meeting Room, 1st Floor, Highgate Rd Chapel, Chetwynd Rd, Camden, London.

We start at 10 am and finish by 4 pm. 

We offer a discount rate of £110 plus VAT p.p., to all delegates who pay at the time of booking by credit/debit/procurement card. Otherwise, our normal rate of £129 p.p. applies.

We also offer a number of optional extras for delegates attending our external courses:

Lunch @ £12.99
Training course materials and website membership @ £6.99
Certificate of completion @ £4.99

All of our rates are subject to VAT. 

We offer the most competitive rates for in-house delivery of this and all of our courses, as we appreciate that the cost of sending delegates to external courses can often be prohibitive. We have worked with close to 1,000 clients over the past 20 years, delivering practical, affordable and enjoyable training in this way. Please contact us for a quote to run this course on-site.


During the day, the following topics are covered through group work, case study, led discussion and practical activities.

1. Knowing Your Group

  • group dynamics - the way they work, influences and characteristics
  • stages in group development
  • behaviours & roles that affect the functioning of groups
  • personality and motivation - factors that affect group performance
  • overt and covert group issues
  • dealing with difficult people in a group

2. Maximising Your Group’s Potential

  • tips for maximising participation
  • methods for generating discussion
  • promoting positive communication
  • keeping groups on track

3. Choosing the Right FacilitationTools

  • For generating ideas
  • For evaluating ideas
  • For decision-making

4. Action Planning

  • what actions will be taken by group members
  • how action will be taken
  • who or what will help  
  • why action may not be taken
  • when will action will be taken - timescales
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