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Update for Haringey's Residents Groups [February 2012]

Update for Haringey's Residents Groups [February 2012]

Some coming events [more details further down the page]

Saturday 28th January - Demonstration to save Haringey's Community Schools. Say NO to privatisation. Assemble 12 noon @ Keston Road by Downhills Primary School, Philip Lane, N15. Organised by parents, teachers and governors involved with Haringey Campaign Against Academies.

Sunday 29th January - Haringey Fuel Poverty Warm-up Action. Meet 12 noon outside Boots, Wood Green High Road (next to Shopping City), N22. Organised by Haringey Solidarity Group.

Sunday 12th February - Seed Swap Sunday at Chances Club, 399 High Rd N17. 11.00-12.30: Growing in Haringey AGM 12.30-2.00: Networking lunch. 2.00pm - 4.00pm HARINGEY SEED SWAP. Organised by Growing In Haringey.

Monday 20th February - 6pm - Demonstrate for our local public services! No to another £20m Council cuts! Assemble Wood Green Library, N22. March to Haringey Civic Centre for rally at 6.45pm. Organised by Haringey Alliance for Public Services

Wednesday 29th February - 7pm Sustainable Haringey & Haringey 40:20 present: 'What is Low Carbon Living?' public meeting. Wood Green Library, N22 6XD

Feb - March open meeetings - Digital tv switchover: how can you support the people you work with? A briefing for reps of community groups.
· Wednesday 1st February at 3pm at Hornsey Vale Community Centre, 60 Mayfield Road, N8 9LP
· Wednesday 8th February at 10.30 at The Selby Centre, Selby Road, London N17 8JL
· Wednesday 14th March at 3pm at Hornsey Vale Community Centre
· Wednesday 21st March at 10.30am at The Selby Centre

Some thoughts on restricting heavy Goods vehicles on Haringey Streets - from the Haringey Federation of Residents Associations

Say NO to privatisation
Saturday 28th January
Assemble 12 noon
@ Keston Road by Downhills Primary School, Philip Lane, N15

4 Haringey primary schools are under threat of being forced by the Government to become academies. This means they would be run by a private company. The campaign is being organised by local parents, governors and teachers - and the march follows a recent massive 600-strong public campaign meeting held at Downhills School.

Please join the demonstration if you..

• Do not want Haringey schools to be forced to become academies;
• Support our local family of schools and do not want them privatised;
• Demand funding justice from the government for Haringey children

Haringey Fuel Poverty Warm-up Action
Sunday 29th January
12 noon, Meet outside Boots, Wood Green High Road (next to Shopping City), N22
Come and join us - don't sit in the cold alone! We will be calling on all shops, pubs and public buildings to welcome those who wish to get warm.
Please bring flasks of tea, nibbles, folding chairs, board games, placards etc...

* No more deaths from hypothermia * Reduce fuel bills now - no to cut-offs * Insulate all homes effectively * Reclaim public space
* Expose energy companies profit scandal * Yes to renewable energy - phase out fossil fuel energy production to prevent climate catastrophe

Fuel poverty should be seen as a public scandal, not as a private problem. One in four families in the UK is shivering, out of sight, behind closed doors. There were a shocking 25,700 additional UK deaths last winter compared with other seasons. Yet the 'Big Six' energy corporations are making massive profits. The government and energy companies may want to keep it this way, but we say this can’t go on.

In the UK, these companies are deciding how 99% of our energy is sourced, produced and priced. Under this monopoly, we have no say in these decisions, despite them having a major effect on our health and on our climate.

So, we’re coming out with thermoses and snacks, info displays and games to hold a public coffee lunch for local people of all ages. Together we will ‘warm up’ in a local venue, check our energy bills and tarriffs, have a good chat, and call for people’s welfare to come first!

Please join in!

Organised by Haringey Solidarity Group, supported by Haringey Alliance for Public Services, and Haringey Housing Action Group. Part of nationwide weekend of action: Info: Local information: 0208 216 9651


Seed Swap Sunday
Sunday 12 February
at Chances Club, 399 High Rd N17

11.00-12.30: Growing in Haringey AGM
12.30-2.00: Networking lunch & Seed Swap set-up

2.00pm - 4.00pm HARINGEY SEED SWAP
All gardeners welcome – entrance free, donation to support GROWING-iN-hARINGEY work requested.

Bring seeds to swap, if you have them – veg, herbs, fruit, flowers. Bring information and photos of your garden for our display – and find out about local community gardens. Refreshments available

Seed Swap Days aim to encourage seed-saving and growing from seed, especially of traditional and local varieties. Growing in Haringey is the umbrella network for community gardening and sustainable food projects in Haringey: directory of projects and events at, where you can sign up for GIH’s monthly email newsletter or join GIH google-group.
Tottenham Chances: lively and friendly community music and events enterprise, now starting up its own community garden, in the old Royal British Legion building: 399 High Rd, N17 – five mins walk north of Seven Sisters Tube station. Lots of buses up High Rd, plus 41, 230, 123 east-west services.

GIH is part of the Sustainable Haringey network:


Haringey Alliance for Public Services

Demonstrate for our local public services!
Monday February 20th
6pm - Assemble Wood Green Library, N22. March to Haringey Civic Centre for rally at 6.45pm

Invitation to all local community organisations and trades unions to support the Haringey residents' and workers' demonstration to the next Full Council meeting

Dear Friends

The Council is currently 'consulting' the public over proposals to cut another £20m off our vital local services. This is due to the Government's determination to underfund and undermine public services as they seek to force them to close or be privatised.

The deepest and most significant public spending cuts since the 1920’s are creating widespread anger as jobs are lost and services reduced. The Government has no mandate for such a radical programme to dismantle the welfare state. The cuts threaten to turn the economic recession into a long-term depression. A downward spiral of rising unemployment leading to more cuts is now likely. Our services and jobs are being sacrificed to bail out the banking system, which caused the crisis in the first place.

However there is still everything to fight for. Throughout London and the UK local anti-cuts campaigns have mobilised to encourage local communities and workers to speak out. Over the last year in Haringey there have been many lobbies, marches, rallies, street stalls and protests - and many service user groups have organised and campaigned to defend their services under threat. In August HAPS co-organised a 3,000-strong 'Give Our Kids A Future' demonstration. Local public sector workers have also defended their jobs and conditions of work, and 1,000 attended their anti-cuts demonstration at the beginning of 2011. In addition the TUC’s national anti-cuts March for the Alternative attracted over half a million people – the largest union-organised demonstration in British history. This was followed up in June and November by 2 million public sector workers taking industrial action to defend their pensions.

Recently 600 people attended a campaign meeting at Downhills School to pledge to resist the Government's attempts to force 4 local primary schools to become 'academies'.

It is clear there is the will to resist the Government’s programme of cuts and privatisation. Let's make those who caused the economic crisis, not the public, pay for it out of their hundreds of billions of pounds of obscene profits, bonuses and tax avoidance scams. Councillors should stand up to the Government and demand adequate resources for Haringey.

Haringey Alliance for Public Services supports all these battles and we want to see the greatest possible unity against cuts. We are planning this local Haringey demonstration to pull together everyone who wants to fight back, and to build on the success of last year's mobilisations.

1. Please let us know your organisation supports the demonstration and can publicise it to your members. Leaflets are available from us (as from 28th January). Let us know if you'd like a HAPS rep to attend one of your meetings. Affiliations/donations very welcome - please make cheques to 'Haringey Trades Union Council (HAPS)'.
2. You are invited to send a rep to the next HAPS planning meeting, Thursday 2nd February, 7.15pm at the North London Community Centre, Moorefield Road, London N17 to help with the publicity and preparations
3. Note that there may be objections/deputations from some organisations regarding specific cuts at the next Council Cabinet Meeting, Tuesday February 7th at the Civic Centre, High Road, N22.

Haringey Alliance for Public Services supporters include: Haringey Trades Union Council, Haringey Federation of Residents Associations, Haringey UNISON, CoHENEL University & College Union, Day-Mer, Defend Haringey’s Health Services Coalition, Haringey Friends of Parks Forum, the Sustainable Haringey network, and a range of other community groups, trade union branches and political organisations.

For more information check out our webpages or contact: / 0208 216 9651

Sustainable Haringey Network and Haringey 40:20 present
What is Low Carbon Living?
Wednesday 29 February 2012 - 7pm
Wood Green Library, N22 6XD

All Welcome

Come and hear how Prashant Vaze got his household to get clever and save money while taking action to use less energy. Prashant is advising Haringey Council on how to reduce carbon emissions in the Borough by 40% by 2020. He wrote “The Economical Environmentalist” that shows the costs of choosing a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Haringey Ladder Gets Sustainable
St Paul’s Church Centre, Cavendish Road, N4 1RT
Thursday 16 February 2012
6.30-8.30pm All Welcome
Organised by Sustainable Haringey Network and HarringayOnline

Find out how to give your home and lifestyle a green makeover. Learn about what your neighbours have done to insulate their homes, about installing solar pv panels and about what the Council and local groups are doing to bring down the cost of saving energy

Digital tv switchover – how can your support your members and the people you work with?
A briefing for reps of community groups...

Do you work (as a paid member of staff or volunteer) with the following people: Older people; People with sensory, mobility or dexterity impairments;People with learning difficulties;People who have experienced mental health conditions; People whose first language is not English; People who may be socially isolated? then come along to a free briefing session where you will learn about digital tv switchover, what it means for people, the support on offer and find out about the free resources that are available and information about a small grants scheme.

The briefing sessions last for between 1 and 1.5 hours and take place on:

· Wednesday 1st February at 3pm at Hornsey Vale Community Centre, 60 Mayfield Road, N8 9LP
· Wednesday 8th February at 10.30 at The Selby Centre, Selby Road, London N17 8JL
· Wednesday 14th March at 3pm at Hornsey Vale Community Centre
· Wednesday 21st March at 10.30am at The Selby Centre

To book a free place contact Lisa Charalambous, Community Outreach Officer, at or ring 07840353551. If you are unable to attend a session but would like to discuss a session for your staff and volunteers then please contact Lisa. The Digital TV Switchover Community Outreach Programme is part-hosted by The Selby Centre

Haringey Federation of Residents Associations

To Cllrs Canver and Bull bcc HFRA officers and TGRG

Please note we have been informed today (see below) that there is a consultation [with key stakeholders] about HGV vehicles in Haringey.

1. As the consultation deadline was yesterday it would have been helpful if we had been informed earlier. Please ensure HFRA is routinely informed about any key stakeholder consultations affecting local communities in Haringey.

2. It is our view (as it has been for a number of years) that we would support restrictions on HGV usage throughout the borough, or in any proposed part of the borough, particularly in any residential streets but preferably on all streets.

3. To save money, reduce clutter and help with enforcement, it would make sense for a borough-wide restriction.

4. This approach would also apply to the much-needed implentation of a borough-wide 20mph default speed limit.


Dave Morris (Secretary) and Joyce Rosser (Chair)
- for the HFRA

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