Monday, 31 October 2011

Frack Mob / Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline Demo / Climate Justice Collective‏

1. FRACK MOB - the UK's first mass action against fracking
Wednesday, 2 November, 3PM - 6PM, Copthorne Tara Hotel, Scarsdale Place,
Kensington, W8 5SR

Join us for a 'frack mob' at the 'Shale Gas Environmental Summit' - an
industry greenwash love-in. This conference a is all about large companies
shafting the planet in the name of profit.

Fracking companies drill for gas by blasting water, sand and corrosive
chemicals deep into the ground to crack the bedrock. Fracking poisons
tapwater, causes earthquakes and releases more greenhouse gases than coal.
Fracking is in it's infancy in this country, if we are going to kill this
thing it has to be now. We still have time to cut through the bullshit,
scare the investors and tell the companies to FRACK OFF!

Lets expose this Greenwash. Bring gas masks, anything that makes a loud
noise, green body/face paint, chalk and a desire to have fun!

More info:
Facebook event:
Twitter: @frack_off

2. KEYSTONE PIPELINE SOLIDARITY DEMO - stopping tar sands in its tracks
Sunday, 6 November, 11am-1pm, US Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London

In the US, activists will encircle the White House, demanding President
Obama rejects the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Encircling our own
miniature White House, we will stand in solidarity with US climate
activists for what could be one of the biggest turning points for the tar
sands battle so far. This action builds on August's Keystone XL pipeline
protests, one of the largest ever civil disobedience climate actions,
resulting in over 1200 arrests in Washington DC. If the pipeline is built,
companies already have plans to ship the dirty oil to new markets
including the UK and Ireland. Stopping this pipeline would be a major win
for the planet: the first step towards stifling the exponential growth of
the tar sands industry.

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3. CLIMATE JUSTICE COLLECTIVE - new directions for climate action
Sunday, 6 November, 2 - 6.30 PM, Tottenham Chances, 399 HighRoad, London,
N17 6QN

The Climate Justice Collective (CJC) was formed by people from Camp for
Climate Action who wanted to explore new forms of anti-hierarchical
organising that would free us up from some of the conflicts and
frustrations of the past. Our first efforts have been focused mainly on
working out organising structures and principles to do this, and on
setting up a new campaign against fuel poverty - an issue which unites our
long and short term interests in social justice and conserving energy. It
is now time to open out and include people who would like to be involved
and help develop these possibilities. This meeting will be a chance for
you to get involved - or get back involved!

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