Friday, 14 January 2011

Seed Saving Workshop?

Summer 2011 – July to October

Why not hold a

Seed Saving Workshop?

We start with a relaxed introduction and scene-setting discussion, over a cuppa and refreshments:

* Who are we all – welcomes and introductions

* Why save seeds? Local and traditional varieties; lore, law and culture of seed-saving

Out into the host garden to look at:

* Choosing which seeds to save – good species and plants

* When and how to collect the seeds

* Selecting and improving your own varieties

Final session, over refreshments again:

* How to clean, process and store seeds

* What else to do with saved seeds – seed swaps, seed arts, edible seeds…

Practical activities will be based on the plants growing in the host garden, weather and stage of season. These are ‘knowledge-sharing’ sessions, which encourage participants to share their own experience as gardeners, tips and lore. They work best with small groups (6-12 participants).

You can run your own seed-saving workshop, or invite Seven Sisters Permaculture to lead it – offered free, donation to Growing In Haringey appreciated. You will need to provide: comfortable indoor space for initial and final discussion; refreshments; garden. Participants can be invited to bring along: samples of plants from their own garden; paper bags/envelopes; rubber bands/string; pen and notebook (cameras optional), sensible footwear. Gardening gloves and seccateurs can come in handy. Two hour session.

2012 Haringey Seed Swap – Sun 11 February

7SPC is part of the Growing in Haringey and Sustainable Haringey networks

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