Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Report of Tar Sands / Climate Change protest (3.4.2010) at the Tottenham BP Petrol Station

- called by Sustainable Haringey communications group

On Saturday 3rd April 2010 members of Sustainable Haringey, Tree Trust for Haringey and the Wards Corner Community Coalition protested outside Haringey's BP petrol station in Tottenham Hale, London N17. The protest was part of the fortnight of global action in solidarity with First Nations indigenous peoples in Canada who are resisting what is probably the world's single most environmentally-destructive project - Tar Sands oil extraction. Special leaflets were handed out to workers at the garage, car drivers, local residents, and nearby bus garage staff and passengers...

Photos: http://sustainable-haringey.wikispaces.com/Ongoing+Activities+-+BP+protest+%283.4.2010%29

Gemma Harris, of the Sustainable Haringey communications group said afterwards: ' Haringey residents are doing our best to make the necessary changes here to move towards a sustainable, low carbon society. But to be successful in preventing dangerous climate change we also need to ensure that multinational corporations with local branches are held to account for their actions.'

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