Thursday, 24 September 2009

Local activists ensure smart meters are available in Haringey's libraries

Will help residents cut costs and carbon emissions

The Sustainable Haringey Network are celebrating a win for the borough, which they believe will help cut Haringey’s carbon emissions.

In partnership with Haringey Council's library service, The Energy Saving Trust Advice Centre for London is making 100 energy monitors available to library users to help them cut electricity costs.

Library users can borrow these special devices - wireless energy monitors - which show how much electricity is being used in the home and how much it is costing.
Borrowers will instantly be able to find out which electrical appliances are costing them the most money to run.

Sustainable Haringey has been lobbying for the idea for over a year. Sarah Cope of Sustainable Haringey explains “We knew that Lewisham had done this in their borough and I thought it would be an easy and effective thing that Haringey could do too. It’s a simple idea which will help people both lessen their carbon footprint and save themselves some money. Smart meters are just one of the many ways in which Sustainable Haringey are trying to ensure that the borough plays its full part in the global effort to cut carbon emissions.'

The monitors are easy to install, a simple fact sheet on how to fit them is provided, and they come with a portable display showing how much electricity is being used in costs per hour, kilowatts or and associated greenhouse gases emitted.

Every library user who borrows an energy monitor will also receive two free energy saving lightbulbs to help them decrease their energy consumption and electricity bills by up to £16 a year.

In Lewisham, where the meters have been available to borrow from libraries since last year, householders have reduced energy consumption by between 5 and 15%, representing £25 to £75 from a £500 bill. Residents can also attend a free Home Energy Doctor drop-in session to get advice on energy efficiency in the home and how that could save up to £300 per annum on home energy bills.

The Sustainable Haringey network has also been promoting local neighbourhood eco-teams thorughout Haringey, and a wide range of other effective methods, policies and practices to create a long-term sustainable future for the borough.

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