Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Haringey sets up a transport forum

We have been agitating for a forum in which residents interested in transport issues could meet with Council officers and others such as TfL and public transport officers to share information and to discuss policies and priorities.

Haringey have now set up a forum and we like to think we had some influence on it.

The second meeting took place on 8th July. Cllr Brian Haley made the introduction and a number of senior transport officers were present. Transport operators were also invited and First Capital Connect was represented. A number of useful presentations were made including:

* Mira Ruskin from Sustrans on DIY streets projects. She showed how it is possible to achieve much of the benefits of home zones at a fraction of the cost with the active participation of local residents. We are looking for suitable streets in Haringey where we might put these ideas into practice.
* Rob Davies from the Road Danger Reduction Forum. He proposes a more holistic approach to road danger with the emphasis not on the victim but on the perpetrator. Some boroughs are creating posts for a Road Danger Reduction officer and the suggestion is that Haringey should think about going down this route.

The next meeting will take place in September, date to be fixed. There will be a discussion on the Local Implementation Plan in which Haringey determines what money provided by TfL for transport works should be spent on. Watch this space.

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