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Better Haringey Awards

Better Haringey Awards

Monday 1st June is the closing date for the Better Haringey Awards nominations, to take place at the Green Fair on Saturday 13 June on Ducketts Common.

Started in 2003, the awards are an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of Better Haringey and reward and acknowledge those who have made it possible.
If you would like to nominate an individual or group for any of the awards below, email with the following information:
  • Your name and contact details
  • The name and contact details of the nominee
  • A supporting statement as to why they are suitable for the award


You can nominate for a Better Haringey award in the following categories:
  • Sustainable School
This accolade is awarded to schools that promote the importance of tackling climate change by making changes to their curriculum and campus and building relations with the local community.
  • Greenest Public Sector Office
Open to Haringey Council staff and partners in the public sector. Submissions from large office buildings should be submitted by floor or team, but smaller office accommodation such as area offices can submit a single application. We are looking for teams who create an innovative approach to making the workplace a green environment.
  • Safe and Sustainable Communities
This category is open to all residents of the borough and entries may be submitted that recognise the contributions of groups, associations and individuals. The judges will be looking for inventive examples of projects that have been put together to make communities increasingly sustainable. Community gardens, sustainable food growing and improved safety in urban environments act as good examples for this award.
  • Greening Your Home
This award is aimed at all occupants of residential properties in Haringey. To win this award you will have to demonstrate evidence of having practical ideas and approaches to improving the home in an environmentally sensitive way that reduces C02 emissions.
  • Green Business Award
This award is open to all businesses and voluntary sector organisations in Haringey (excluding all public sector bodies as they have their own category). Nominations should illustrate how the business has considered and reduced their environmental impact through its operational policies.
  • Special Award for Outstanding Contribution
This category awards an individual or group that have a made a special contribution that Haringey Council would like to showcase and congratulate.
Or for more information call the Better Haringey Team on 020 8489 2243.
Visit the council website for details of last year's winners: Better Haringey Awards 2008

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